A One-Week Silverfish Control Method

Many people believe that silverfish are difficult to eradicate once they come into your home. However, they do not know how to go about it. Trust me when I say that once you master the correct method and follow the proper procedure, controlling silverfish becomes simple. It is possible to rid your home of these annoying small creatures within one week.

The secret to a successful silverfish removal is it’s not the type of poison you put down, but rather the preparation you perform prior to you attempt to kill the silverfish that is in your home. Silverfish live at home due to three reasons: they are easy access, they enjoy excellent living conditions, and they’re stocked with food sources.

If you decide to do what many individuals do and put poison on the floor in order to kill as many you can, yet you fail to address the three main issues. You aren’t doing anything to stop other silverfish from becoming comfortable within your home. You will probably begin to see more appearing within a couple of weeks.

The first thing to do is eliminate the three conditions mentioned above to ensure that no more silverfish appear. Another reason for poisoning without preparation is that the silverfish breed rapidly and lay eggs in a variety of tiny cracks in your home. The majority of your poison and even your traps will not find the hidden eggs, and when they hatch, the young ones will have plenty to eat and will begin to spread around your home again.

The Two Steps To Complete Silverfish Control

With this information in mind, you’re now ready to take on this issue once and all.

Step 1: Seal the entrance

The beginning step would be to test to figure out the way they get into your house to begin with. It could be through cracks in pipes, in the doorway or inside the walls. Take a look and seal any suspicious entryways.

Step 2 Create a Home that is Inhospitable Silverfish

Silverfish would rather have the warmth of a warm, dark and damp area to put their eggs in. It is important to dry any of these areas in your home. It could be under the refrigerator or in the laundry area and around your bathroom shower’s floor, or in the attic, next to the boiler. It is possible to use a dehumidifier to lessen the moisture, or try harder to not splash water in the shower afterward.

Fill in the gaps you see like cracks in the floorboards or underneath the skirting boards. Cracks are great hideouts, and are also areas to nest their eggs.

Remove the food items. Silverfish consume all kinds of food items. If they have quick access to food sources, they’ll be there. In the kitchen, it could be a loaf of bread or cereal open for grabs. In the living room , it might be glue that is in your bum-bindings. Also, in your bedroom, clothes that you throw across the flooring. In the kitchen or bathroom silverfish are fond of mildew and mold. So ensure that all of this is completely removed.