Biometrics – What is It?

One of the technologies in the information technology which is used to measure and control de acceso biometrico analyze human data is termed as Biometrics. Biometrics measurements and analysis are based on the finger prints, eye retinas, voice patterns, facial patterns and hand measurements for authentication purposes.

In general it is used as identity access management and access control. Biometrics is classified into two broad categories. One of them is Physiological and the other is Behavioral.

Measurement and analysis based on the shape of the person is termed as Physiological kind of Biometrics. The identification is obtained by fingerprints, iris recognition, face recognition, DNA and palm geometry.

Measurement and analysis based on the behavior of the person is called as Behavioral kind of Biometrics. It may include the voice, gait, and typing rhythm. Behaviometrics is the other name for the behavioral biometrics.

Many may wonder why voice recognition has been under the Behavioral rather than Physiological. Voice recognition is based on, which manner a person talks. Hence it is classified under the Behavioral class.

A biometric system operates on two modes; first being the verification and second being the Identification.

Verification process depends on one to one comparison of a captured biometric with the stored template to check whether the individual is who he claims to be. It can be performed with the help of the smart card, Id number and username.

Identification is another process by which a one to many comparison is performed to the trace the individual by matching the captured biometric with the biometric database. The individual can be found only if both the biometric database and biometric captured are matching. It will be matching if it is in the biometric threshold limit.


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