Can I Learn Pilates From a Video?

Pilates is an exercise technique first invented by a man named Joseph Pilates, a German national who immigrated to England at the beginning of last century. He was interned in a camp in England during World War I and it was there that he began to invent the exercise method that would later take his name, Pilates. The first Pilates machines that Joseph Pilates ever invented to use with his techniques were fashioned from bed springs gathered at the camp. After the war, Pilates moved to the United States where he opened a dance studio and continued to perfect his Pilates exercise methods. Ever since those early days, Pilates have been gathering popularity with the general public until today, where you cannot open a fitness magazine or see a celebrity on an interview show without the word “Pilates” coming up.19 Pilates Benefits Backed By Science

But, can you learn the Pilates techniques using only a video series? One of the greatest advantages to using video is the convenience; you can exercise anywhere and any time you want. For those who don’t like to join organized classes or go to the gym, the video option can be a good one, if they want to exercise in the comfort of their own homes to improve their health.

There are some disadvantages to using videos for Windsor Pilates techniques and instruction. The biggest drawback to using video is the lack of a qualified instructor to show the student the proper way to do the exercises. All of the questions that could be raised, or all the trouble that could happen needs to be addressed by a certified Windsor Pilates instructor to prevent possible injury.

So, if you still want to use Pilates videos at home, then it is advisable to first take a Pilates class or consult a Pilates instructor on proper technique before you begin your home physiotherapy hong kong using the video series.

The Windsor Pilates Method is actually a variation on the original Pilates Method invented by Joseph Pilates. Mari Windsor developed a series of exercises based on Joseph Pilates’ original techniques. This form, modified by Mari Windsor, claims to get results much quicker, in about 1 month. Most Pilate enthusiasts who have used Windsor Pilates claim to get results in about 2 weeks.

Most people do not have enough time to get to the gym and exercise. The Windsor Pilates video series is great for those who want to get in shape quickly in their own homes. Participants have reported, after a short two weeks using the video series, a stronger core and better muscle strength, but no discernible weight loss.

The routines and exercises on the Windsor Pilates video series are simple enough for the participant to be able to memorize them easily, which takes the strain away from trying to look at the TV screen while exercising. Another advantage to using the Windsor Pilates videos is that after the cost of buying the videos, there is no more costs, unlike gym memberships, which often have yearly and monthly fees.

Most of the Pilates exercises featured on the Windsor Pilates video series are low intensity, so people who cannot participate in more strenuous forms of exercise can still use the video series. For most people, the low intensity workout is better for the joints, while still providing enough challenge to get great results without risking injury. If you want to build bulky muscles, then Windsor Pilates are not for you, but if you want to strengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility, then the Windsor Pilates video series could be a perfect fit for your life.