Choosing the Right Puppy – Here’s How

You will have lots of options when looking for a puppy. You may be poodle puppies for sale looking to buy a puppy or just adopt one for free. Although there are usually lots of puppies available, the real question is how to choose the right puppy. Here are a few things to be aware of, to ensure that you are happy with your choice.10 Reasons Not to Buy Puppies From Pet Stores - DEVON VETERINARY HOSPITAL

First, if you are looking to be involved in showing and breeding down the road, consult a reputable kennel owner. Ask your vet for recommendations if you are unsure. There are too many sleazy operations and puppy mills operating as it is. Why support these places? Investigate carefully before you go looking. The last thing you want to happen is to fall for a puppy and then subsequently find out that he has severe health issues.

Second, if you decide to buy from a pet store, ask for written documentation showing where the puppies come from. This doesn’t usually occur to people who go to a pet store in search of a puppy. After all, it’s a pet store. Surely they must love animals and take good care of them. Otherwise why would they have a pet store? Right? Well, not always.

I live in a small town and we were shocked when it was discovered that the locally owned and operated pet store, was selling puppy mill puppies. The store has since closed but if it can happen here, it can happen anywhere.

Third, do not buy a puppy that is younger than 8 weeks old. This is the minimum age when a puppy is ready to be separated from its mother, if you want a healthy and well adjusted dog. If you have your heart set on a puppy that is too young, arrange to return and pick him up when he is old enough.

Fourth, do not choose a puppy that appears frightened and nervous and tries to run away from visitors. These are signs of possible mistreatment. Although your heart may go out to such a puppy, he may turn out to be more worry than pleasure and may even become a biter as a self defense mechanism.

Fifth, a puppy should have bright eyes, a solid body, and a shiny healthy-looking coat. These are signs of good health. Puppies with health problems lead to dogs with health problems.

Sixth, know that your puppy will probably choose you, as much as you choose him. This may be the puppy that comes over and licks your hand, or gazes at you with his soulful eyes, or tries to engage you in play. You will just know that he is the right puppy!

Your new puppy will be a loved member of your family for many years to come bringing with him, joy, fun and laughter. So, choose carefully and you will have lots to look forward to.

Chris enjoys writing about a variety of topics. As a dog lover, Chris is always looking for ways to keep the family pet happy. A great way to welcome a new puppy into your family is to get him a comfortable bed. Since puppies love to snuggle up and feel safe, a great choice might be a cozy cave dog bed .