Deliverance Ministry – Does it have to be a Circus?

We recently conducted one of our “Released to Soar” Deliverance Seminars at a church where the preponderance of members were of Hispanic descent. The pastor was familiar with our ministry and invited us in because he had seen the fruits of deliverance ministry in his own life and wanted his congregation to experience it also. For a month or more, he prepared them with sermons and teachings about deliverance: the basis for it, what the bible said about it and also how we would minister. As he explained it to us, he had to spend a lot of time trying to remove fear from them about how the session was going to go. He said that deliverance ministry was widely done in Hispanic churches but unfortunately it often became loud, boisterous and generally a “three ring circus”. There was a whole lot of yelling and crazy things going on with mixed results. That scenario is what his people were anticipating based upon seeing deliverance ministry elsewhere and he worked hard to allay their fears.

Sadly, this experience is somewhat commonplace in many churches and that people need to writhe, yell, throw up or generally manifest greatly to be delivered and also that those deliverance ministry who are ministering need to be loud and boisterous too.

It does not have to be that way and we believe it should not be that way. When we minister deliverance, we sit down in front of each person and quietly and gently call out the spirits. We do not yell, there are no “theatrics”, we rarely talk to the demons and we do not let them show off as they leave. Our experience is that if the person being ministered to has been properly prepared (by identifying and closing open doors ) ahead of time, then the process generally should flow smoothly. There are often manifestations of crying, coughing, burping, eye twitching and the like although often there is very little visible evidence at all. Occasionally there are convulsions, pain and even vomiting but these should be the exception and not the rule. If we encounter these types of extreme manifestations it is typically because there is still some sort of legal right for that spirit to stay. We then focus on identifying that legal right, removing it and proceeding with the process.

We are into “quiet and gentle” deliverances. We speak firmly when calling out spirits but there is no need to yell. After all, we are ministering to a real person that God loves and we do not abuse or embarrass one of Gods precious children. Even a “deaf and dumb” spirit can hear when we speak to it and call it out! Because of some of the looniness that has been witnessed during deliverance ministry, some would want to discredit the entire ministry and everyone in it. We believe that view is incorrect; that deliverance ministry is for today and that it can be done in order. What do you think?