Today there are varieties of printers, printer ink and cartridges available in market that caters printing needs of a customer. The printers are extensively used in every field, where you would be aware of the fact that for functioning of a printer the printer ink cartridges are very vital.

The unit is installed into a compatible printer and this isn’t a one time procedure. But you need to change the cartridge each time the printer ink in it gets used up. The costs involved with cartridge changing comes a long way especially for the people using printer on a large scale. So generally almost all the people try to use cheap printer cartridges for their commercial purpose.

Basically there are three types of cartridges namely:

1. Original ink cartridges.

2. Remanufactured ink cartridges.

3. Compatible ink cartridges.

Original printer cartridges are those printer cartridges that have company’s brand attached to them. These types of cartridges are produced by printer manufacturers and are usually expensive.

Remanufactured cartridges: This type of printer cartridges are manufactured from renewed ink cartridges. These are cheap when compared to other types of cartridges.

Compatible ink cartridges: These kinds of printer cartridges are compatible with all the available models of printer in market. But these cartridges are manufactured from the third party vendors. Compatible ink cartridges are preferred by large scale business for their compatibility and cost effective aspects.

The cartridge basically consists of printer ink on its head portion used for printing purposes by spreading it over paper. A cartridge has several partitions like ink containers which interacts with compatible printer. While thermal ones have a single partition that houses heating element alongside the resistor. Whenever the user epson 碳粉匣 gives printing command, the electric current flows through resistor and heating of resistor takes place. Then subsequently the printing ink would surround heated plate and gets vaporized within the nozzle. In less than a second the drop of ink would overflow from nozzle and falls on the printing paper.

Generally there are 2 types of printer inks used in printers namely pigment based inks and dye based inks.

Pigment based printer inks: This type of ink dries up quickly and is use extensively in color printings.

Dye based printer inks: This variety of ink offers an array of unique colors and take less than two seconds to get dried up. The printer would work smoothly if there in enough ink in printer’s cartridge. Smoother the ink easier would be printing process.


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