Fine Baja Peninsula Beaches Await Your Arrival In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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The sandy beaches of Cabo San Lucas have been one of the most inviting scuba diving sanctuaries because of its world class sights and resorts. Beautiful colors and species of fish await your dive. For those tourists who are searching for a value worthy and relaxing vacation, Cabo San Lucas provides a variety of things that would definitely villa los cabos be of interest. It is considered a great Spring Break location that can provide options for both rich and famous visitors as well as a great destination for value seeking tourists.

The many tourists that come to the place get to enjoy special bonuses of being able to observe whales in the oceans that migrate during winter seasons in other countries. The warm waters of the beaches in Cabo San Lucas serve as a sanctuary where whales can bear their young. The largest marlin and billfish trophy fishing tournament is also celebrated and takes place in Cabo San Lucas annually to the delight of local and international tourists. There is something magical and special about the place where the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez meet.

A lot of tourists in the past have fallen in love with Cabo San Lucas making it their settlement for retirement. Recently, statistics imply that around seventy to eighty percent of its inhabitants come from the united states. The resorts and golf courses in Cabo San Lucas also serve as a retreat for many international celebrities and influential individuals. Whether politicians, artists, or major business owners, the luxurious hotels and exclusive condo, villa and townhouse residences become their new home in Cabo San Lucas.

Getting to Cabo San Lucas can conveniently be booked through any major airline which lands at Los Cabos International airport. It is also a town that is popularly visited by many tourists because major cruise ship operators such as Carnival and Royal Caribbean stop in Los Cabos as a major port of call on their Mexican Riviera and Baja Peninsular itineraries. The large marina and eye catching bay of Cabo San Lucas are famous for their very casual atmosphere. This is also a haven for those seeking an exciting nightlife as they get to watch the sunset by the Sea of Cortez that meets the Pacific Ocean.

Go into town and enjoy some Tequila at one of the many fine bars or eating establishments such as the Cabo Wabo Cantina. One can always find locals willing to sell you cigars, souvenirs and remembrances of your trip, both in town as well as along the beachfronts of the resorts but remember to bring along your negotiation skills, no need to pay $40 for a straw hat when you can buy it for $12. If you’re staying for an extended stay there is a full sized Walmart in town, actually within walking distance of one of my favorite resorts, the Riu. The resort includes the all-inclusive Riu as well as the upscale Riu Palace Hotel.

Your resort can arrange with local tour operators for special excursions for sightseeing, diving, fishing and other fun activities. Get dirty on a wild dune buggy ride in the Baja sands. Have a blast renting a personal high powered watercraft or jet ski; cost will be dependent on the length of time you arrange and your negotiating skills. Do not attempt to trade your “free drinks” or other items from your Hotel or Resort as security is watching and monitoring those activities and is highly frowned upon.

Tourists should never miss an opportunity to visit El Archo, a wonderful rock formation that had been formed by nature at Land’s End. El Archo is one of the most famous spots in the area and in the world. Cabo San Lucas has a breath taking beach and postcard views that are lined with an abundance of shops, restaurants, resorts, and hotels that can fit any kind of budget. For tourists who would want to have an all inclusive yet inexpensive trip to Cabo San Lucas, they could spend their entire vacation at the comfort of their resorts that offer plenty of activities under the sun.

No one goes to a Mexican beach without sun tanning even for a day. With a view of the sapphire ocean and the soft sand beneath your feet, lying down on your back at the beach is definitely a must-do while you are in Cabo San Lucas on vacation. Besides bathing in the sun, you can also experience the water by taking some diving sessions that are offered beach side.

While this activity may not be on the top of your list, whale watching is another activity you can’t miss out on when in Cabo. San Jose is known to be the perfect place for whales to give birth due to its shallow waters and abundance of food. This is also the reason why a lot of the species of whales migrate to Cabo from December to March, which can be a sight to behold for any spectator. If you are looking to live on the wild side even for a night, then the Cabo Booze Cruise is something you must definitely do. Popular among youths on spring break, a booze cruise is basically a cruise ride off the coast of Cabo where the partying is non-stop with copious amounts of alcohol during the trip. Music, dancing, drinking contests and the chance to mingle with other people are the top reasons to enjoy this part of your trip.