Gift Messages for Candy Gifts

It always feels good to make someone smile. One of the best ways to do this is by giving someone a gift, and one of the best gifts are candy gifts. Everyone has a favorite type of candy which means they’re sure to be a hit. There are so many flavors of candy gifts to choose from whether it’s chocolate covered, cbd gummies for anxiety reviews chocolate flavored or fruit flavored. Then from there you have a long list of types of desserts from pies, cake, cookies to chocolate covered apples and strawberries to homemade ice cream and a huge assortment of candy.

Retro candy is very popular which takes adults back in time when they were kids giving them the opportunity to experience the candy they once picked out at the local candy store. Australian licorice, gourmet lollipops and gummy candy are also very popular. There are many great online candy stores from which you could purchase and deliver straight to your recipient’s home or office, but I highly recommend creating your own candy gifts. Of course, it makes it easier to choose a gift if you know what that special person’s favorite sweet is; otherwise, you will do a little detective work to find out how to choose the right candy gift.

Bringing someone a candy gift, whether homemade or not, is very special. How would you feel if out of the blue someone brought you a handmade chocolate caramel covered apple, gourmet fudge or homemade chocolate truffles or even an entire box of that hard-to-find candy from when you were a kid. That would just make your day, wouldn’t it?

Once you have a candy gift picked out cap it all off with the right packaging and gift message. A simple decorative gift bag with tissue paper will do for smaller items and tins are more attractive for those homemade cookies. Gift messages should be short, but romantic or humorous or even both. If the candy gift is for your spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend and you dropped off it at their office then make the gift message a little “saucy”, something like: “I bet you can’t wait to sink your teeth into this rich chocolate brownie. Well, I can’t wait to stick my lips on yours.” If the special person is your grandma who lives far from you then make it cute like: “I’m sorry I keep missing your calls. Hope this box of white chocolate chip cookies doesn’t miss the mark. Miss you grandma.” Or maybe you are sending a “thank you” gift as a token of appreciation to your brother for watching your kids over the weekend, then write something sweet like: “It’s nice to have sometime for ourselves and get a ‘taste’ of freedom. Thank you for watching Vanessa and Sabrina over the weekend while Jeremy and I went away. Now try a ‘taste’ of my favorite homemade blueberry cheesecake.”

The candy gift of course is the main attraction, but the gift messages cap off the whole experience of receiving a special thank you from someone they care about. It’s taking that extra step to show you invested a little extra time in personalizing your gift and expressing your full thanks.