Since laws against using your mobile whilst driving have kicked in, the invention of Bluetooth has transformed the communications scene. The penalty of using a mobile phone, without a handsfree kit, is three points off your driving license and a fine of 60 pound. Even worse, you could even cause an accident. Investing in a kit that allows you to use your phone legally on the road, will let you avoid accidents (caused by phones) and running into the law.

There are two available ways of being able to use your phone legally on the road. You can either purchase a Bluetooth enabled handsfree kit or a car CD Mp3 Player, which can connect your phone to your stereo via Bluetooth.

Handsfree will enable you to make and receive those important personal and business calls. The newest handsfree technology on the market is quite snazzy, as it uses up to date touchscreens, voice recognition systems in order to dial numbers by your command and can store hundreds of numbers, as well as read out text messages out loud. All of these benefits are present so that you remain constantly aware on the road and are not distracted. However, unlike the Bluetooth function on the CD Mp3 player, you cannot bluetooth audio module  play or stream music.

A CD Mp3 player with Bluetooth will not only enable you to answer and make those calls, but play music from a variety of sources, including your phone, CD’s and Mp3 players. Like the Bluetooth handsfree kit, ease of access is what this player is all about. If your hooked up phone is playing music and is interrupted by a call, on most modules the music automatically cuts out until you have finished with the call. Car audio manufacturers have created the Bluetooth player as easy to use as humanly possible, so that drivers are not distracted on the road. They have also added extra features that are mainly there for convenience, such as Mp3 player charging. This little player combines safety with the luxury of convenience, making it a favourite on the car audio market.

Using a phone on the road without a handsfree or similar kit is illegal in the U.K. You may also be pulled over and prosecuted if you use a handsfree kit and are distracted on the road. By using a Bluetooth connection kit will not only keep everyone safe and secure, but severely dampen the risk of you being pulled over by the police.


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