How Can I Become a Video Game Tester and Get 150 Dollars an Hour?

If I had a penny for the amount of times I have been asked “how can I become a video game tester” like you, I would be a very rich man! So, I decided to put up a few articles on the subject to help out anyone who is still unclear.PC Games Free Download - GameTop

The origins and growth of the online gaming industry essentially paralleled the origin and growth of computer technology Download Game PC Offline. As additional computer technologies allowed for more powerful processor and graphic capabilities, online gaming rapidly grew into the huge industry that it is today, which of course is great news for us game testers as it looks like the gaming industry will keep on growing and keep us in work for a long time to come.

If you love gaming and want a career in the gaming industry then being a game tester may be exactly what your looking for. Even with all the interest in the industry and every gamer online asking how can I become a video game tester? there are still tons of positions available and that is because the gaming industry, recession or no recession, keeps on growing year after year!

The most important first step to take if your seriously wondering how to get into the gaming industry is to make sure you join a community of PROFESSIONAL game testers, that way you learn from people already in the business and once you are a member you have immediate access to the top gaming companies in the world!

Most professional gaming communities will have over 50 gaming companies on their books, which means they will always have an over flow of work! So when I am asked, how can I become a video game tester? I start off by telling people, you must first join a membership program of professionals because that is where all your work is going to come from, not to mention the fact that they teach you every trick in the book and make it their job to make sure you have as much work as you can handle.

There are literally hundreds of programs and communities out there claiming to be able to open this door to the online/offline gaming community for you. When I first asked the question “how can I become a video game tester?” I was given a great piece of advice which I am now telling you, do your research and find a membership program that best suits you and be prepared to put in some work and treat it as a real business because it is!

When you do sign up with a community and start working as a game tester, you will not be making $150 an hour, that is an amount that is usually only available to expert testers who have been in the business a few years and have built up a trustworthy reputation, it is more likely that you will start off earning between $20 and $50 an hour, which is still great money, especially if your able to focus on your new career testing games full time. You will be placed within a team of testers and as a team you will test your chosen games. This is done so that all your work and the work of your team can be checked and double checked before the games get released to the general public.

Like most jobs, you will have to start off at the bottom but if your dedicated and excel as a video game tester, your salary will increase and within a couple of years you too could be making $150 an hour to test video games!

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