How to Increase Sales With a Proven Follow-Up System

In order to increase sales today, retailers must out-communicate their competitors. Simply attending a public fair or unlocking the front door no longer is sufficient because consumers have access to so much more information than in the past. Staying ahead of the competition and closing more deals requires consistent and effective communications. Applying the basic principles of a follow-up system can help you increase sales because you will out-communicate your competitors.

Selling is a numbers game. Think of how many business are in your community, of how many ads we see every day. Most importantly think of how many sales people شراء متابعين تيك توك told you they would call you back with the information or price quote you need and never did. If you set in place and use a comprehensive follow-up system, you will certainly out-communicate your competitors.

A follow-up system should be interesting, captivate the client’s interest, present FAB statements (features, advantages and benefits) and guide the client to a purchasing decision. Make certain you have an opt-out mention on each communication and remove any client who requests to opt-out. At each step, try to sell an appointment to bring them back at the store or to go to their home fora free consultation (if you product requires installation). It is much easier to sell an appointment than it is to sell a product.

Steps of a comprehensive follow-up system:


  1. Capture prospect information: name, email, address, telephone number. Create lead cards to fill out.
  2. File lead cards in physical file or on a database.
  3. Follow-up with a phone call within 24 hours of first visit to answer open questions or provide additional information you though might be helpful.