How to Stop Smoking Weed – The Easy Way Vs the Hard Way

There are certain techniques to help you stop smoking Weed, these techniques have consistent results.

It doesn’t matter if you smoke blunts all day or you just smoke a little now and then. Understand that many ‘types’ of smokers have quit regardless of how stressful their life was at the time, whether they had been smoking for thirty years or two years, people have quit in every type of situation you can imagine.

I say this because many people say things like ‘this won’t work because…’ It’s completely untrue, anyone can quit but first they don’t because of the excuses they make for not doing it. weed online bestellen Please drop the excuse and go for it. Most of the time it’s these excuses the prevent people from doing what they want to do. If you have been saying to yourself ‘I want to stop smoking Weed but I’m not ready yet’ or ‘I have too many things to deal with at the moment’ or another of the hundreds of other excuses people make as to why they haven’t quit yet, then you will never be able to quit until you stop using the excuse. I’m not pointing the finger, I wanted to stop smoking Weed for years but always had a reason not to quit, mine was usually ‘I want to quit, I’m just not ready yet.’

When I finally quit Weed I still wasn’t ready but I knew that if I continued to wait for the right time then I would never have quit. That’s the difference between successful and unsuccessful people in nearly every area of life, successful people don’t wait for the perfect time, they know that now is the time to take action. Only by taking action will you get results, there’s no way around that because until you take action you will not be able to stop smoking Weed. The day you quit is the day you smoke your last joint and decide never to smoke again. If that’s today then your in for a nice surprise.

You must be motivated if you want to stop smoking Weed, if you don’t know how to get motivation then you must learn how to get motivation first. You must prepare to quit, throw away everything you have that relates to smoking, weed, bongs, ashtrays or anything else you no longer need because your going to stop smoking Weed and won’t need it again. Stay away from temptations like going round peoples houses when you know someone’s going to be smoking Weed. Also,keep active and stay busy to keep your mind from thinking about your cravings. Or you could learn how to get rid of your cravings. Now you have two choices, the easy way or the hard way.

It CAN be Easy to Stop Smoking Weed IF You Know How.

What’s the difference between someone who quits and someone who says they have tried, but just can’t quit? The people who quit were taught exactly what they need to do. What’s the difference between the people that struggled to stop smoking Weed and those who quit easily? The people who quit smoking Weed easily knew something that the people that struggled didn’t, they used different methods and had different results.