It’s All in the Detail – How to Build a Stylish Wardrobe

With the credit crunch upon us and the current wave of economic gloom, it is a constant challenge to keep yourself looking stylish trendy and up to date without breaking the bank. A great way to create lots of different looks that you will not get bored with on a budget is to create a capsule wardrobe filled with some key quality basics. The basic look can then be changed on a daily basis by accessorizing with different accessories.

When looking for quality basic items for your capsule wardrobe, try sticking to mainly neutral colours with may be a few other colours depending on what suits you best. Neutral colours are very versatile and can be combined in many different ways, allowing you to get lots of wear out of them and really get your moneys worth.

Look for quality clothes made of quality materials. These will last better and look more polished. Your outfit will look expensive even if it is not. Look for styles which you know will really suit you. If you are not sure, try reading books, magazines or articles with advice on how to dress for your body shape. Try on lots of different styles until you find the style that flatters you and makes you feel great.

There are Techwear Clothing lots of ways that you can get really quality wardrobe basics at a good price. You can find some great bargains in the sales especially online. Sample sales and designer clubs are also a great way to get some great designer pieces at a fraction of the cost.

Once you have created your basic capsule wardrobe, choose a good quality, preferably leather pair of shoes and handbag that will be suitable for almost any daytime occasion. Black, brown or tan are all good colours to choose from as they will go with most outfits.

Add detail and interest to your outfit with accessories. Try different combinations of scarves, belts, necklaces, earrings and bangles. Aim to build up a collection of accessories that can be used to create lots of different looks perhaps a variety of scarves in different colours including small squares, large squares and long scarves, unique and different jewellery including long, short, chunky and delicate pieces.

By creating a versatile and quality basic wardrobe that can be accessorized for different occasions, you have created a timeless.

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