Laptops For Students – 4 Buyers Guide Tips

Buying a laptop for a student going off to college is a fun, but often times challenging undertaking. You don’t want to over spend and you also want to get as many features as possible for that money. You’ve also got a lot of features that some students will use, while others don’t need like Bluetooth or an upgraded graphics card. Below are a few tips to help give you the information you need to find one of the best laptops for students.

Size – Figure out what size laptop you need. This will depend largely on how you are going to use your laptop in school. It is always a trade off between having a portable laptop size and having one with a decent screen size. I would recommend a laptop between 13 and 15  hp ryzen 3 5300u inches. While they do offer mini notebooks and netbooks in the 9-10 inch range, they are usually not up to the task of being one of the best laptops for students. They also make models in the 17 inch range, but you lose the ability to throw the laptop in your bag with you. At that point you are better of getting a desktop and then a netbook to carry around with you.

Battery Life – Since you’ll be studying all over campus, in coffee shops, and at friends houses having a strong battery is a great idea. Some computers will offer better battery life than others so check the statistics on each laptop. You also have the option of getting an upgraded battery. They are usually slightly larger and stick out a bit from the general shape of a notebook, but offer an increase in battery life of at least one house or more.

Durability – Because you’ll be lugging the laptop around quite a bit and throwing it in your bag multiple times a day, you want a laptop that can stand up to the abuse. When trying to find the best laptops for students it’s important to pick up the laptop and feel see how the hinges feel. Does the overall feel of the laptop seem flimsy and fragile or does it have a nice sturdy feel to it. Most laptop reviews will mention something about the durability of the laptop.

School Requirements – Every one of the best laptops for students will have a different set of features and configurations. While they all will offer things like Wifi, an Ethernet port, and a few USB ports, not all laptops come with Bluetooth for example. It is always a good idea to check with the school you are planning on attending to see what their requirements are. Some schools may want you to have a certain version of Windows, a certain amount of RAM, or a particular processor.

These 4 tips should help you get started in your quest for one of the best laptops for students. With such a wide selection of laptops and notebooks out there, it’s not a matter of if you’ll find the perfect laptop, but when. Also talk to your friends and see what laptops they have and like. Nothing can substitute personal experience with a laptop.