Making Your Small Business Facebook Page Pop

Facebook has become more than just playing games, keeping tabs on your friends, and doing silly quizzes all day long. Today, more people than ever are using the power of Facebook to find the products and services that they need. Likewise, Facebook represents a huge opportunity for small businesses. When done correctly, your Facebook marketing strategy can become a highly-effective tool. You can spread the word about your products and services, make sales, and connect with your customers in a customer-friendly way.

If you really want to get the most out of your Facebook Page, here are some important things you need to do:

· Fill out your entire profile. Don’t skimp. The more information you offer, the easier it will be for readers to trust you.

· Don’t simply use a personal Facebook page to promote your business. Having a business page adds a degree of professionalism.

· Look into applications that will help your Facebook page. There are many such applications, and this site discusses some of them at length.

· Integrate with other social media. If you have an active blog or Twitter account, find ways for all of your social media to interact with and update one another.

· Know and follow Facebook’s policies in regard to marketing practices and content.

· Use privacy settings only for personal information that you don’t want to be released to the public. Remember: you want people to be able to see and find your business.

· Use the power of pictures to help with your branding on Facebook. If your business runs on a personal brand model, post pictures as appropriate. Remember, too, that grainy pictures, those with bad coloration or lighting, or those with poor composition will actually send people away.

· Make sure your personal photos – which might be available through your personal Facebook page – are properly limited from your business contacts and your business page followers.

· Choose the right Facebook vanity URL, preferably one that includes your business name.

· Include your Facebook page information in your correspondence, in your marketing materials, on your business cards, and in other places.

· Offer useful tips and tricks or advice for your field from your Facebook page wall. Add value to the conversation, and it will help users to see you as a true authority in your niche.

· Give updates about your business, too. If you’re doing a flower arrangement for a prominent family in town, mention it. If you have added floor space to your showroom, describe that, as well.

· Offer useful links to your readers. When you find something relevant to your niche, post it to your Facebook page. Even if you’re not the source of the information, it makes you look like you’re fluent in your niche.

· Find ways to expand your Facebook network. Use the Friend Finder feature inside of Facebook to find others who might be interested in your business. Ask readers to share your page. Consider investing in a Facebook app that will help to promote your business, as well.

· Provide contact information. Make sure that a visitor to your Facebook page knows how to get ahold of you, how to order your products or services, and how to get customer service as well.

· Use your Facebook page as a customer service forum. By demonstrating your concern for customers on the page, you’ll not only help get their own individual friend filter extension issues resolved, you’ll add to your company’s image.

· Consider using survey apps so that your Facebook fans can give you valuable market information. Alternatively, use survey apps to get your fans to share your page with others.

· Post details about your products and services to your Facebook page.

· Consider offering a coupon or a discount of some sort exclusively to your Facebook fans.

· Look into using Facebook ads. They have the potential to drive a great deal of traffic to your Facebook page. Once they arrive, if you’ve done all of these other things, you’re more likely that they’ll click to like your page.

· Consider starting a group page to complement your business. For example, if you’re a window installer, consider starting a home improvement page for your local community, where users can share tips, tricks, and advice. It can be a wonderful avenue for promoting your own page.

Ultimately, your Facebook Page is only as good as the effort that you put into it. If you consistently offer valuable information and do so in a way that is both reliable and interesting, your Facebook followers will grow, and they’ll grow fast.