Turnkey Websites

Turnkey websites can help you start an online business in a fast and an affordable way.

The Advantages of turnkey websites:

1. Easy to install: just few mouse clicks!

2. No technical knowledge required: you can focus on your business

3. Affordable

4. Fully functional: not just templates and not just scripts but fully functional websites.

5. Ready to make money online: (check the website features on the home page for more info)

6. Ready in 1-2 days

7. Customizable: easily change the look and feel of the website.

8. You can select from over 60 different e-business types.

9. Backed with 24/7 support

10. Easy to manage and update: very easy to add/edit/delete any pages and to customize the Title, Meta tags,

You can use these turnkey websites:

To start an e-business and make money online, you can do this with:

– Contextual ads added to your turnkey website: Adsense, Adbrite,…

– Affiliate marketing

– Membership upgrades fees in some of the turnkey websites

– The Pixel Ads turnkey website allow you to start a nice online yalla shoot   billboard and
sell pixels to advertisers (general, your town/city, specific niche…)

– The Shopping Mall, Logo Store, Software Store and other turnkey websites
are e-commerce ready, just add your products and start selling.

Each turnkey website features page will explain the potential revenue details.

Increase traffic to your current websites/business:

– For example if you have catering/food related business website and you dont have already Recipe section, the turnkey Recipe website can help to keep your visitors coming back to add or search new recipes.

– Some Turnkey websites: the Photo Rater, Photo Storage, Personal Ads, Auction Website, Personal Blog, Wedding Album, Traffic Stats…. Are really great ways to increase traffic and to keep your visitors coming back.

It might help to reduce your advertising expenses and cost-per-click:

– For example if you have more than one website, you can put it all in the Website Gateway; it will be one address for all your websites, the gateway to your online empire.

– If you have related websites for your clients or yourself, you can put it all in the Website Directory or Top Sites and use one AdWords campaign: for example the key phrase “London photography” is searched between 10-20 times daily and the highest bid for this key phrase is between : 0.36-0.38$, so instead of bidding for this key phrase just to show the website of a freelance photographer, you can use a “London photography” themed Top Sites or Website Directory to show multiple sites: freelance photographer, photography equipment shop, and maybe a photo exhibition in London….These are non-competing websites and the cost of the click is divided on the 3 or more websites. I think this actually saves money even with the cost of the turnkey website. This is a quick example so with better researched keywords it can save more money and be more profitable.

There are no secrets revealed here, no get rich yesterday schemes! Just some simple techniques with the right tools that might help any of us benefit more from the internet and e-commerce.

Even for web agencies who are on tight schedule or budget, it might help to work on turnkey websites instead of starting from scratch.

Now if you need the tools/turnkey websites you can visit the just launched Yalla Turnkey Websites which gives you the tools to do what is explained above and much much more. By the way, Yalla means “let’s go” or “hurry on”.

Salam (means Peace)