Ukraine Dating – What Are The Topics For The First Date

Many foreigner Business in Ukraine  have come to Ukraine for business but have fallen in love with someone and have stayed for longer. What are good topics for conversation for your first date and what will guarantee you second?

Young Ukraine ladies are open minded, well educated and their charm is hard to resist. They have interests in many areas: from social position, political opinion, knowledge in economy and of course, they are ladies and are interested in fashion and celebrities.

They are curious towards foreigners because they know that these people have lived abroad and have new and different points of view which might broaden their own universe and give them new ideas and knowledge.

It is not hard to start informal conversation with a girl from Ukraine; the challenge comes when you want to ask her for a date. These young ladies are careful regarding the relationships they have. There are many reasons for this and the most important one is public opinion. They have been taught that a woman has a high value but not speaking in monetary aspect, but regarding efforts for her attention. In their country, women who start a relationship from the very first “Hello” do not have a good public image. This is especially true for the small regions where everyone knows everybody and everything new is accepted with a suspicion.

Good topics for conversation during the first date are your interests. The more you ask and share, the better you will know each other. Ukraine girls are not shy but on the first date everyone feels a little nervous and uneasy. Your best strategy will be to share something about your parents and childhood. Family plays an important role in local people’s life and if you tell something about yours this will bring your cultures a little closer.

Most young women in Ukraine speak at least one foreign language fluently. Most of them have studied English in school or have taken extra courses. Even if they speak with an accent, what they actually need is more practice. They will enjoy chatting to everyone with whom they can put into practice their foreign language knowledge.

One of the topics which to certain extent is not good to discuss during your first date, is the political situation in Ukraine as well as the old communist regime. The country was part of the Soviet Union but since December 1991 it is a fully independent country. Most people enjoy being citizens of Ukraine and not to be put under the flag of Russia.

Another picky topic is the Chernobyl nuclear accident. It left devastation and ruined the life of many. It is said that radiation is still having an effect on these lands and Ukrainians rarely want to discuss this.

If you make your date laugh and feel confident with you, be sure that you will have chance to invite her for a second date and eventually your relationship will grow more serious.

Telling funny stories from your life is always a good strategy. Also share memories from childhood, because it is often considered that this is one of the most intimate periods in man’s life. This will reveal your past and your date from Ukraine will not remain there thinking that you only want to get advantage of her.