What things to Use In the course of Workout routines

A very good rule of thumb in choosing your fitness tools and accessories is to base it on your anatomy and fitness level. For instance, if you are shopping for a weighted vest for a guy, you have to consider your body type and how much weight you can carry. There is three types of body shapes for Men – Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph. You need to know your body type first.

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Weighted clothing for men is a fascinating  home workout tips   way for you to build your muscle mass and enhance your results within your daily exercise by doing nothing different, other than wearing a little additional weight. Weighted vests for men are ideal for intensifying your body-weight exercise, such as; squats, pull-ups, dips lunges, pillar bridges, planks and pushups, but can also be used well throughout the gym or even during your daily run.

However, you must proceed with caution when wearing a vest with weights outside of the ideal exercises because the additional weight can encourage bad form which can lead to injuries. You just have to be the judge of your capabilities. Let’s get to the bottom of the best products on the market:

The V-Force Vest is one of the best vest for men who want to target their core muscles as the weights are strategically placed to do just that. The short structure also allows the weights to focus on your core muscles, but it takes the weight off your stomach to ensure the maximum comfort. In addition, the design has a triple layer pocket which provides your back with maximum weight support to deter any potential injuries or muscle strain. The shoulder widths are designed to provide you with even more versatility within your workouts, whether you decide to strictly focus on body-weight exercises or plan to wear it during your runs. This vest for men doesn’t fall short in the style department either. It’s the ultimate man piece, equipped with a military look, feel and function. Comfort was certainly not disregarding with this vests’ manufacturing. You get adjustable straps, shoulders, body and all stress points and the ultimate weight is 100 pounds which gives you plenty of training time with this product. When you’ve sweated it into a dirty mess, just toss it the washer and dryer and it’ll be like new again.

The MIR Vest certainly takes your comfort into priority while ensuring that you maximize your potential throughout your workouts. While the vest has a max capacity of 60 pounds (a significant difference than the prior), it can be the perfect product for you as you consistently build up your strength training by adding in weights easily with durable Velcro closures to increase the resistance adeptness. Like the prior, the MIR Vest also has a narrow shoulder design which promotes versatility, whether you’re a runner or want to strictly focus on body weight training, or both. However, what sets this vest apart from any others is that it is extremely compact for ultimate comfort. The 11 inch length allows for maximum mobility, so you never feel like your vest is getting in the way. After all, it’s there to enhance your workouts and not to discourage them. Lastly, the mesh material allows for ultimate air flow which deters a buildup of sweat and smell, and it can also be tossed into the washer and dryer when need be.

The main difference between the two vests is that the V-Force Weighted Vest has a higher weight capacity, and the MIR Vest has a 60 pound limit but offers the absolute best comfort available. The V-Force vest also comes in two sizes therefore perfect for guys with larger body dimensions. Both will seriously increase the results you receive from your body weight exercises, and runs.

The Hyper Vest PRO is quite expensive as compared to other weighted vest brands on the market. Men admire the steel weights of Hyper Vest Pro that holds firmly and comfortably even during vigorous training. Since it also has a very slim design, it is barely noticeable and it can be wear under shirt when you are running for instance. This product is perfect for beginners since it only comes with 10 lb of weights.